Deep engagement and creative expression are inextricable.  Creative expression results from an investment of time and attention, in order to sufficiently:

  • observe and reflect upon the details of the topic
  • explore the topic from multiple angles
  • cultivate alternative perspectives about the topic
  • express an alternative that trumps the status quo

Every new idea must traverse the terrain of deep engagement before any creative outcome is realized.  Artmaking processes exemplify such deep engagement in many ways, and these processes serve as a metaphor for creativity in any domain.

Consider these examples:
Coworking Spaces: The founders of Philadelphia’s own ‘Independents Hall’ succeeded in reinventing the idea of workspace by cultivating an alternative perspective of freelance work.

Crowdsourced Placemaking: The collaborative revitalization currently taking place in the town of Bristol, CT is a stellar example of deep engagement.  Cooltown Beta Communities utilizes crowdsourcing technology to engage the community in the ‘BristolRising!’ initiative.

Brainstorming Studios: After considering traditional meeting spaces from multiple angles, IdeaSandbox invented the concept of the ‘brainstorming studio’.  It’s clear from the rendering that this will be a remarkable alternative that trumps the status quo.

With worthwhile outcomes such as coworking spaces, creative placemaking and brainstorming studios, the positive results of creative expression and the value of deep engagement are indisputable.  When we engage in acts of creative expression we demonstrate evidence of deep engagement.  And when we embrace every opportunity to amplify the dialogue, the significance of those acts reaches a wider audience.

Every day we are witness to the outcomes of deep engagement and creative expression. I adore the examples I’ve included here, but I’d like to know YOUR favorite examples.  What examples of creative expression do you champion?  What outlets exist for your OWN creative expression?  What opportunities can you create?

© 2011 Kira Campo