The short-term effects of a tight funding climate are acutely felt.  And one thing is painfully clear: funding, or lack thereof, determines whether a project/program/initiative will see the light of day.

The long-term effects of inadequate funding are equally painful.  Although many compelling arguments have been made regarding the power of the arts to enhance our institutions, our communities and our individual lives, adequate funding is still not a foregone conclusion.  So, there’s the rub.  Because, in the absence of reliable funding, the likelihood of sustained, meaningful exposure to arts experiences becomes diminished.  This absence of funding, and the resulting cultural absence, represents a detriment.

And yet…

I remain optimistic that as the dialogue around creative expression expands, the value of arts experiences will be felt in broader circles.  Individuals who amplify that dialogue will instigate action.  In the end, the degree to which arts experiences are widely regarded as relevant and necessary will directly influence the proportion of funding they receive.

© 2011 Kira Campo